About Dubi Cars

Established in 2014, and relaunched in 2018 Dubi Cars has become the UAE’s fastest-growing online car market for buyers and sellers across the emirates and biggest generator of export demand for the region.


Being the only independently owned marketplace in the UAE, and solely focused on cars, Dubi Cars is in a unique position to be transparent, and share data and valuable insights with the industry because Dubi Cars does not sell its own products that compete with dealers or have to satisfy contradicted interests. 

With more than 470 showrooms active on the web and mobile apps, Dubi Cars is, without doubt, the market leader, with unparalleled reach within the export market.


Dubi Cars attracts over three million searches a month, enabling access to real-time data from real buyers and sellers, combined with cutting-edge technology, and strong dealer partnerships putting Dubi Cars in a leading position to transform the market. 

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Dubi Cars Values

We partner, not compete, with automotive retailers

Customer success is our success

Innovate to solve problems and create value

We bring groundbreaking world-class affordable tech solutions to the UAE

Share data and best practices

Be inclusive, not exclusive

Be passionate and focused

Laser-like focused on transforming the auto industry. 

Invest in partnerships

Accelerating digital transformation and growing dealers margins

Dubi Cars re-launch achievements: 

We strongly believe in innovation for value creation. Just in the past 18 months, we have launched more than 5 game-changing products and services, impacting dealer’s daily transactions and accelerating growth.

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Middle East's first dealer Saas platform

Launched in 2019, Control Auto is the only Saas solution specifically developed for automotive retailers and dealers in the Middle East. 
It enables dealers to post, manage, and edit car listings across multiple platforms from 1 app, in addition to providing advanced lead management solutions. 

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Current and comprehensive data reports

In addition to the always-on dashboards accessible to all accounts on Dubi Cars, we share a monthly report to support the decision-making on stock purchase, listings performance, and market trends 

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1st  in market
finance search feature

Finance Search transformed the way consumers are discovering cars to purchase. 
Since over 60% of the market’s car transactions are financed, it only made sense that consumers are also able to search by monthly installments. 

Generating over 3,000 searches per day and with a conversion rate of 10%, Finance Search opens the door for dealers and financial institutions to speak consumers' language and deliver services to mitigate consumers' pain points.

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Dealer websites

We have delivered over 200 dealer websites with free support and seamless syncing to Control Auto and Dubi Cars

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Pioneering export solutions in the Middle East

As the biggest generator of export leads in the market, Dubi Cars had an obligation to innovate solutions to enhance the process of selling cars to established and emerging export markets. 

Export Safe is a consumer-facing solution that enables buyers to search for cars in USD and get instant shipping quotes based on their car and destination of choice, hence opening the growing, double-digit export market to all UAE dealers.